Our Story


Glow Box was founded with one goal: to inspire and equip you to lead a more meaningful and faith-filled life. 

As women, we lead such busy full lives and spend most of our days talking to people. So why is it we're still feeling so disconnected, lonely or stressed?

In launching Glow Box, Founder Lynda Schoffro set out to find a way to resource Canadian Christian women in their daily walk and give them tools and resources to help them learn to grow in their faith and find balance in their lives.

Enter Glow Box. The first and only Canadian faith subscription box filled with resources and new products hand-picked specifically for you. 

As the President of the largest Canadian Christian retail chain, Gospel Lighthouse, Lynda is a seasoned expert. She has access to the newest and bestselling products and is able to make them available to you at a special discounted rate. Each Glow Box is valued at $100+ but made available to subscribers for only $50. Each seasonal box you receive is designed to make faith more accessible and remind you to take time for yourself, to commit to prayer and devotion and to focus on the incredible gift of grace we have received.

Once you've joined Glow Box, you're part of something bigger - a community of Canadian Christian women longing for more authentic, unfiltered connections with each other and support in making intentional steps forward on their faith journey.

about the founder

Lynda Schoffro is the founder of Glow Box and President of the Gospel Lighthouse Bookstore chain.  She is passionate about providing women with inspirational products that will help them live an intentional faith-filled life.

Her hand-picked inspired contents will be value-driven to be sure that you love your Glow Box and will hardly be able to wait for your next seasonal box to arrive!