Winds of Change

Are you experiencing the winds of change this season? They come in a flurry, in one moment you are resting in what is when new circumstances seem to blow in from nowhere. You know they are coming but preparation seems to do little in navigating the reality of them. 

I feel you… This weekend I have suddenly become an empty nester and for those of you who are Mama’s, you know how much we value our status as being the caregiver. For the last 23 years of my life I have defined a big part of who I am by raising, teaching, and caring for my 3 boys ( I don’t think I will ever stop calling them my boys even though they are men now). It’s been an amazing chapter in my life and I know it’s not ending, only changing but it’s bittersweet to watch them grow into themselves and watch them develop their individual characteristics and pursue their dreams.

When I started Glow Box last year, it was with this moment in mind. I knew that I would need a passion project to keep me busy while fulfilling a desire to give to others. I hope to pour more into the Glow Box community and grow it to new heights now that I have a solid base of women who have supported my cause through the initial stages. To those of you who have, I truly thank you!

If you have been watching and waiting, now is your time to become part of our community. This month I will be shipping out our Fall Glow Box. I am excited to say that it will be shipping from coast to coast. I have lots of great items in store for this season with a focus on thanksgiving and gratitude. I’ve learned that taking even a small amount of time to be grateful can set your mind and change your life. 

I'm also delighted to share my Fall book selection with you. Brave Love by Lisa Leonard is the book we all need. It's an honest and authentic memoir of Lisa's journey and through her story, it teaches you to embrace the real you and find love and acceptance in that space. 

I look forward to this new season, don’t get me wrong, change is hard and we all long to be comfortable and secure but when we open up and let go we make room for something new; it creates space for things to fall into place. 

Here is Lisa's book trailer for our book Brave Love, in case you are curious and want to know more about it. You won't be disappointed.

Love this song and these lyrics by United Pursuit:
"Lord, You've been faithful to plant the seeds
And You will be faithful to always send Your rain
Though the seasons change
Your love remains."

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