Whispers of Rest

What does rest look like for you? To rest is such an individual experience.  I believe it can be something different for everyone but it should be an action taken that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. In music, it is the pause between notes and I believe in life it also reflects a pause, a waiting, and ultimately silence.

This seasons book selection Whispers of Rest spoke to me. I honestly picked it by the title before I had even read it. The title drew me in and after reading reviews on it and doing some research on the author, it defined itself as a book that I thought most women would be able to relate to and learn from. Summer lends itself to slowing down and taking time and what better way than to intentionally take time to detox your soul and renew your spirit with powerful affirmations of God’s love.

In today’s hectic world we are all so busy! I’m not always sure busy doing what but I believe that the constant connection to so many people in our lives leaves many of us feeling exhausted and stressed out. We forget to take time for ourselves as we focus all of our energies on others. Wouldn’t we be better able to serve others, if we first took the time to create space for ourselves? Finding a place where we could focus on soul care and relax in knowing that we are enough.

I hope that my book selection inspires you and helps you to begin a practice that will transform your life.

In the words of the author Bonnie Gray on what brought her to the place to write this 40 Day devotional journey.  “God’s whispers of rest healed me and restored my spark. God restored the joy. You know, that glow inside you when you feel utterly safe, special and known--that make you feel alive, that all is right in the world--that you are right in the world? This journey of rest will refresh your spirit with the renewing touch of God’s love and bring back your spark.”

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8

This book will be included in our Summer Glow Box along with many other items to refresh you this season. 

Due to high demand, we are selling Whispers of Rest individually as well for only $12.99 + shipping.

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  • Alison Cooper

    This is a beautiful book and I think it is a Devotional that every woman should own.
    On this 40 day devotional detox for your soul, Bonnie shares Soul Care Tips and Trail Notes, Daily Challenges, and a Simple Prayer Practice.
    This is a beautiful way to spend time with God everyday by reading, reflecting, praying and resting.
    After this quiet time I am left feeling renewed, grateful, joyful and at peace.
    Thank you for this beautiful gift.

    Alison 🙏🏻

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