Mom's Rules for Life

This season I want to share with all of you part of the speech I wrote, in honour of my Mom. I lost her this season and I know life will never be the same without her but she left me with the tools I need to continue in her absence. I hope you can use them in your life too..

My Mom’s Rules for Life

#1 Lead with love 

My Mom certainly knew how to make people feel valued and special. I have heard so many stories of her special connections to all types of people. She didn’t discriminate, or pick favourites. She listened and took time for anyone who needed it, while imparting her tidbits of wisdom when it was time. She had a keen intuition of when it was time to give her time. 

Her heart was full when she could quietly give her love, care, & concern to any one of us in need.

#2 Find the good and be grateful 

This is her lesson that I find most difficult. It constantly amazed me that when I would go to her with a problem, she would flip it around so that I could see the good that would come out of it. Right up to her last days, she continued to teach this lesson. She could see that we were coming together as a family again as her heart always wanted and was grateful to be able to witness how we were leaning on each other through the trials. 

#3 Be Joyful

Mom was full of fun and laughter, sometimes she didn’t know why people would laugh when she had something to say but it was her quick wit and the unique way she looked at life and situations that would elicit the response. She had a way of speaking the truth, sometimes with little filter, that would break down the walls of people around her. 

#4 Trust God 

There is only one place to put your trust and she learned in her young adult life to put her trust in God, for without God we cannot navigate life on our own. She had a confident, quiet way of sharing her faith. It was shown through actions, and the decisions she made. She was never pushy about it but if you came with questions or shared your journey, the joy of witnessing it poured out of her. I worked alongside her in her stores for many years and to be able to see how she put this into action in her day to day life will forever be a part of me. So many times, I would try to rationalize and think ahead and she would calmly trust that everything would fall into place by God’s design. 

On the last day of her life here on earth, my Mom gave me a verse. She was no longer able to speak but she was a believer in signs and wonders and that morning as I looked through some things, one verse came to me 3 times. She had given it to me over the years in different ways but I hadn’t made the connection until that morning. I want to share it with all of you.

“The Lord’s beloved rests securely on him. He shields him all day long, and he rests on his shoulders.” Deuteronomy 33:12

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  • Elva Suderman

    Your mother gave me a copy of “Jesus Calling” several years ago. It has ministered to me especially during these past 7 months of grieving my husbands passing. Every day Jesus speaks to me what I need to hear—— Jesus words of comfort fill me with Peace and Joy! God’s Word is so precious and full of promises -— I just bask in it! God is faithful and he will walk along side you in your grief.

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