Leap of Faith

My Glow Box journey began in September. The idea to build a subscription box business was birthed in a discussion about how to make our retail stores (Gospel Lighthouse Christian Bookstores) relevant. We knew that we were unable to compete in the online marketplace with individual products because that market had already been cornered. A subscription box seemed like the perfect fit to pair my expertise in buying, product knowledge, and building an online social presence, with an opening in the online sales market in Canada.

We are proud to be the first Canadian Christian subscription box! If any of you have ordered subscription boxes from the United States, you will know that with shipping, taxes and the exchange rate, the charges on your card don’t reflect the low advertised price. (my $29.99 purchase billed at $72.14 on my Visa)

I had no idea how much time and effort it would take to build a brand, create a website, design marketing, along with product acquisition, and create the bookkeeping profile for this seemingly small business idea. The growth and information that I have acquired through this process will be sure to help me in many areas of my life, both personally and professionally, down the road but my small step has launched into a leap of faith.

Your positive response to my Glow Box launch has fueled my passion to produce the very best box I can, making sure it is beautifully made and full of the perfect products to inspire you or the receiver of your gift.

Thanks for your excitement and positive feedback and be sure to pass that on to your family and friends who you feel would share it.

Here’s a sneak peek of my box design!

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